What’s in your Cart?
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15 October, 2019 by
What’s in your Cart?
Natarajan Amancharla


There are three kinds of shoppers in the World:-
Shopaholics, Leisure Shoppers, and Shopping Avoiders.

The first kind includes the ones for whom shopping is therapeutic and addictive. They do not need a reason to shop. They are the ones who are standing in the queue for changing rooms with tons of clothes in their hands and no intention of stepping out of the shop without filling their bags and emptying their cards. The second kind comprises those who enjoy shopping but aren’t obsessed about it. To be precise, those who go for shopping when they want to take a break from other mundane tasks or because they have nothing else to do at the moment. Shopping isn’t their favorite thing in the world, but they surely find some pleasure in it. The third kind as mentioned include people who want to avoid the shopping experience as much as they can. Unless absolutely necessary, they would stay miles away from the malls or shopping centers.

If you can have disheveled hair and stay in your sweat pants, a big old shirt, and munch on a pack of chips while shopping with a click, why would you go to the mall? Especially if you belong to the third kind of shoppers, online shopping is the answer to all your woes. Online shopping opens up the entire mall on your screen, and if you do not keep yourself in check, you can turn into a sort of online shopaholic. Shopping online can get so sneaky, that even if you close the website tab, it silently tries to convince you to buy that product you were checking out in the form of ads popping up randomly. You cannot run away from online window-shopping you just did to kill time. Besides reminding you of buying those items you checked out, these websites will also recommend you to buy things that are similar to them or are generally bought together by other customers.

It is nice to have an entire world of options just a click away, but if you don’t keep a check on your impulses it can get out of control. The real shopaholics still prefer the experience of stepping in the mall and overloading themselves with numerous bags. But these days, even they resort to getting a lot of stuff online. The busy, the lazy, and the shopping crazy, all have benefitted from the offerings of online shopping. Besides the ease and comfort, attractive discounts get offered allowing you to evaluate the options financially and not just for convenience. And let's not forget about discreet purchases. Not everyone is comfortable buying certain products openly. Online shopping offers safe haven for such buyers. If you are someone who hates crowded places and would rather spend the time you get on weekends for hiking in the woods, you can avail the quiet and time saving options online.

I find online shopping to be convenient, practical, and cheaper unless you end up ordering that t-shirt a size too small or large. After all who doesn’t like to shop in peace without some salesperson giving you unsolicited advice and pressuring you to buy things you don’t really like. And please tell me I am not the only one who doesn’t want someone reminding me of the “amazing” offers on terrible stuff that is just not getting sold. If you like watching movies only after reading the reviews, why not do it for the things you want to buy? So go ahead, fill that cart without having to actually push it around and stand in the long checkout lines.

What’s in your Cart?
Natarajan Amancharla 15 October, 2019
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