The iPhone Gala!
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15 October, 2019 by
The iPhone Gala!
Dwarak Badrinath


Remember the charming nineties when you were young enough to not have to
earn a living, and old enough to use the latest gadgets?

I know I cannot assume that every reader belongs to my generation, but I am a part of quite a unique generation when it comes to exposure to technological developments. Within a decade, my generation went from having fun creating an imaginary circle while dialing the digit 9 on the retro rotary dial phone at their grandparents’ house to the high-end sleek and powerful smartphones that are smart enough to enslave their masters. Can you imagine the horror of forgetting your smartphone at home these days? The agony is more excruciating than even a heartbreak.

In the sea of bubbling smartphones, there is that one kind of smartphone, which the gullible consumers either love like their kin or hate like their nemesis. Yes, you are right. I am talking about the iPhone by Apple Inc. There are three kinds of attitudes towards iPhone. The first kind involves true blue fans that admire iPhones so much that they cannot think of using any other kind of smartphone. Then there are the neutrals that are neither obsessed with iPhones nor hate the idea of owning it some day. The third kind includes the ones who loathe the idea of spending a chunk of their savings on a phone. They may not dislike the product by itself, but just the cost it comes with. The best way to identify them is to utter a word of praise for the iPhones, and they will be the ones who will blurt out a list of other smartphones they think offer better value for money.

Since 2007, the launch of a new iPhone always creates waves of sorts. Everyone has their own opinions regarding the newly launched iPhones. After the anticipation is over, there are again two kinds of buyers. The first ones want to grab the new iPhone as soon as possible. These are the ones who are ready to stand in a long queue and face all challenges to win their most prized possession. The other kind like to wait for a few months to get the reviews and experiences of new iPhone owners, and then make an informed choice of either buying it immediately or waiting eagerly for the next and better iPhone.

This year on September 12, Apple gave a double delight to its yearning fans by launching two iPhones – iPhone 8 and X. I am not an expert on smartphones, so please do not expect an in-depth review of your next potential obsession. I am simply amazed by the reactions that iPhones are capable of evoking. Yes, they are cool devices, and any tech or design nerd will have at least some opinion about it. There is something uniquely appealing about iPhones, which the proud owners use to defend shelling out a large amount of money. You may or may not understand the euphoria surrounding iPhones, but it is here to stay for a very long time.

They may not be the best phones out there in the market, but owning an iPhone is a matter of pride for a lot of people. Criticize the iPhones as much as you can, but the true iPhone patriots will have love and lust for the irreplaceable device in their life. So, do not mess with iPhone fans. And never ever tell them that they are wasting their money even if you genuinely believe they are. Nothing hurts iPhone owners more than getting mocked for sacrificing their hard-earned money for their most cherished belonging. Not even the shatter prone new glass bodies can change their hearts. So my suggestion is to back off and let them live their fairy tale.

The iPhone Gala!
Dwarak Badrinath 15 October, 2019
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