The Perennial Skepticism About Millennials
17 October, 2019 by
The Perennial Skepticism About Millennials
Dwarak Badrinath


They are narcissists, they are frivolous, they are impatient, they are
unrealistic, they are scared of commitment, and they are just so confused.

Millennials are associated with these labels in every other article that comes out criticizing them, especially written by someone who is not a Millennial. The generation born between 1982-2004 is notorious for a lot. Being a fellow Millennial, I see our struggles, choices, ambitions, and blessings up-close. Here are some of the major misconceptions about Millennials that I have come across.

1) Millennials are self-obsessed! If by self-obsessed, you mean self-aware and more in tune with their dreams, desires, and fears, then yes they are self-obsessed. Don’t be fooled by the selfies and hashtags. That is just a language Millennials use to express themselves and have fun around with. They are so much more than what you see on your social media feed. They simply refuse to rely on other’s idea of happiness and achievement and believe in creating their own path and making their own choices.

2) Millennials lack commitment! Millennials are accused of being flaky about their personal and professional choices. What’s wrong in not giving in to the cliché idea of job security, and not choosing to do a job long term just to get a comfortable paycheck? If commitment means wasting a chunk of your life in a dead-end job, instead of seeking something you actually enjoy or at least see yourself doing long term, then we need to change the meaning of commitment. The same goes with their personal life as well. Millennials do not want to get married just for the sake of it. They are taking their time, dating more, and marrying whenever and whomever they want to. Marriage is not an achievement for them; it is a choice that they may or may not make.

3) Millennials are irrational! Millennials want different things from life. That does not make them irrational. Yes, they might want to buy the latest smartphone, instead of some gold necklace in the name of investment that ends up shoved in some locker, collecting dust, and then passed on to the next generation which doesn’t even want it. Yes, they might not be interested in spending their entire life building a house they might not even end up living in. Instead, they want to travel, learn, explore, get more degrees, gather experiences, and form new bonds. Millennials have all the right in the world to choose what makes them happy, and getting dictated about what kind of life they should lead is not okay with them.

Millennials aren’t perfect, just like every other generation. But they are shattering the so-called definition of a “perfect life”. They are speaking out against injustice and discrimination more than before, even if it is in the form of some social media outbursts. Try to understand what they are made of and what kind of world they are living in. Have a real conversation with some Millennial who is still figuring himself/herself out. Teach him/her something if you want to, but don’t forget to learn something as well. Don't blame Millennials for being who they are, a species who is highly adaptive and responsive to change. They are dreamers and doers, paving way for the generations born after 2004 to take bigger risks, accept greater challenges, and dream on a much grander scale. I trust Millennials to make entitlement to individualistic preferences and lifestyles, and yet be inclusive of the new normal. So, take a break from judging the most non-judgmental generation ever. We may not be booming babies, but we are booming individuality, inclusivity, and loads of ideas.

The Perennial Skepticism About Millennials
Dwarak Badrinath 17 October, 2019
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