Feasty Feisty Festivals
17 October, 2019 by
Feasty Feisty Festivals
Dwarak Badrinath


You are nonchalantly going about your life, and you 
start sensing a slight change in the air.

There is a celebratory vibe in the air. And if you are an Indian or someone who has spent a year or more in India, you quickly identify it with the upcoming series of festivals that are eager to get celebrated by an even more eager crowd. The last two-quarters of the year witness most of the festivals in India. No matter how much you try, you cannot escape breathing and smelling this celebratory air. In India, festivals and the associated revelry are a whole different game. Even if you are one of those introverted group of people who detest stepping out and participating in any sort of revelry, the gastric pleasures offered by these festivities cannot be ignored. Seriously, what’s not to like and salivate over? Have you ever tried the enormous varieties of modaks made during Ganesh Chaturthi? If not, try it whenever you can. Your sweet tooth craving will get satisfied in a way that can only be experienced, not read. Just when you are getting over the delight of modaks, poori-bhaji, puran poli, masala bhaat, karanji, and the colossal variety found in the chappan bhog to satiate and please the appetite of beloved Ganpati, the aroma of flavorful biryani hits your olfactory senses. Before you know it, it is Eid already. The saccharine kheer begins to tease your sweet tooth, and you soon find yourself devouring haleem and nalli nihari. You think you are done gorging on scrumptious meals, and you have gained enough pounds in a matter of a few weeks. New temptations again knock on your taste buds. Please, somebody, explain to me how the food that is meant to be eaten while fasting, can taste as good as a full-fledged feast. The Navratri fasting food tickles and confuses you to the core. The food eaten on the nine nights is actually meant for fasters. But the non-fasters are the ones who end up feasting on sabudana khichdi, aloo kadhi, rajgira poori, coconut ladoos, paneer malpua, and everything meant to be consumed by the “fasting” populace. Indians definitely do not compromise when it comes to making all of their food delicious. India, just like every other country has its flaws and shortcomings. But, there is one thing that this country, dipped in the ocean of flavors has nailed perfectly, and that is the mouthwatering range of dishes it offers. It is difficult to mention every dish prepared in India, and if you do attempt it, you deserve to get a Ph.D. or two for the thesis you will end up writing. When it comes to Indian food, there is something for everyone. So indulge yourself in tangra macher jhol and sandesh during the boisterous Durga Pooja, some anarasas and barfis on a glittering Diwali night, a slice or two of rum fruit-cake on a wintery Christmas. Dr. Defy wants you to not hold back from trying everything that Indian festivals have to offer. Not a single flavor can escape from the enormous variety of the Indian festive feasts. The Ambrosia awaits you with its finger licking prowess. So, make space in your tummies and prepare your taste buds for some transformative pleasures. Just DO NOT step on a weighing scale for some time and don’t forget to arrange for some loose fitting clothes.

Feasty Feisty Festivals
Dwarak Badrinath 17 October, 2019
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